Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Sarah Pride Edwards tagged me, and therefore I had to do this little thingy.

4 shows I watch
- Grey’s Anatomy
- Teen Mom
- Hoarders/ Intervention
- Glee

4 things im passionate about
- painting my nails
- my religion
- my family
- my friends

4 phrases I say a lot
- meow
- I love you
- smell you later
- suck it

4 things I’ve learned from the past
- things aren’t always what they seam
- blessings come in disquise
- I tend to get into lots of trouble really fast, BE CAREFUL!
- If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.

4 things I did yesterday
- went snowboarding
- went to the temple
- went to dinner with Rod, Ashlee, and Maddie at MARIA’s!
- slept over April’s

4 places I would love to visit
- Greece
- Australia
- Africa
- Alaska

4 things I’m looking forward to
- retirement
- traveling the world
- my future family

4 things I love about winter
- Christmas movies, music, decorations
- snowboarding
- blizzards

4 Things I wish I could do Better (I added this one myself)
- sing
- do math
- grow my hair faster
- communicate clearer

With that I now tag: Rachel (Chizz) Lange, Jayna McAdams and Clint McAdams

Now this here is a picture of April being tucked in by Kelsi a while backs ago. I just found it. And I love it.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Turkey Festivites

So Brett and I decided to Road Trip down to Pinetop, Arizona to visit my sister Christy and her family for the Holiday.
Here are all the kids on Bill's side of the family. and I don't know all of their names. :/ and Here we have my niece Sarah and myself about to enjoy our freakin huge JawBreakers.

This is my oldest niece Lauren (perhaps some of you remember her from my dad's voicemail, I mean what!) and this is at the Tucson mall where I went crazy at H&M loving my life, and then we went to Alegria by Cirque du Soleil. It was tight.

Again, this is my niece Sarah sleeping like a dog with a dirty face.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

The King of Did!

Here is Maddie Lowder at her fantabulous play! She had the lead role as the King. And let me just say she was great! Good job mad dawg, and I'm glad we could make it!

My Charlie Brown Christmas

Here is the McAdams family 2010 Christmas tree. The plant is something my dad insisted we bring from our home in Ohio. My dad also did the lights. We are just getting classier and classier every year. But hey, with the space that we have in that town house....this is probably as good as it can get. Happy Holidays!

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows: Part 1

Kelsi, Bryanne, Brittany and I went to the movie and it was awesome! I went to the theater at 6pm and waited in line till 10pm and then they let us in. I'll say that sitting on the cement for only 4 hours and not 6, was well worth it! When we were sitting in the theater, a guy dressed up in a robe with wand in hand, called MY NAME and challenged me to a duel! So at first I was like uhhh no, and Kels said it looked like I was going to puke...(but really, I knew I was going to get up because it was a dream come true!) So he asks me if I have a wand, and this girl offered me hers, and I was like of course I have a wand. Then I walked down there, threw off my jacket vest and stepped up. He said we would stand back to back, take 5 steps forward, and then precede to cast spells on each other. So we did, and I tried to do Havadacavre on him, but he "blocked it". Ya, I'm a born killer. Then I think I tried to do expeliarmous on him. And I guess he blocked it again. So by the third round of spells, I blanked out. And he did the petrificous totalus on me. I froze. He came over. Tried to kick my wand out of my hand, but I moved it, and he kicked my hand! It was awesome. Then the battle was over, so we walked out holding hands for some reason, and there I saw the biggest smile on Michael McConks face. Best prank/skit set up ever mike! thanks!
Here i am just waiting!!

Racin' My Ace Off!

Runnin with some cute tricks in St. George! Just doin my thing loookin good.
This is from the St. George Marathon that I tried to run with Jenna. Fail. It was extremely hard, painful, and beautiful. I loved myself and hated myself for doing this. I was more sore after running this than i was after my full marathon. Here is Nate Ogden "Nogden" and Jacob Crosby. They did pretty good, considering it was just supposed to be a long run today. I think they were like the first guys to cross... nbd.

Here is Kelsi and myself at the start up in the mountains.
Here is Kelsi and my self, just enjoying ourselves halfway through the race =)

This is Teresa, my running buddy, me and her old friend...I forget his name.
This is me and my first Marathon Trophy

Here am I loving my life
Just broke 4 long hours by 11 seconds~~yeesh!! I wouldn't say this is an impressive time for me, but hey, it only leaves room for improvement right?

Friday, September 3, 2010

Why I Oughta!

So I get off work at 4 today to make it to the License office before 6 right. At work, all the kids were sick, shannon was sick, corey was sick, and I left them resting and napping and whatnot. so I didn't want to wake them up before I left so I wrote a note saying "rest up, have a good weekend, yada yada yada, feel better, i'll see ya on tuesday." good deed right? so i go home get dolled up for my big picture. grab everything I need to verify my identity and crap, and I get up to the counter after waiting in line i dont know how long, and she says that I have to come back before 5 to take the little test. . . . . it was 5:10. . . . really? come on UTAH!